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Off To A Good Start

Just watch for those Irish Pennants, Corpsman.



Looks like disappoinment looming.
If this is anything like enlisted weddings Ive been too..... akny bets this is actually the best man and the groom is off getting drinks?
*blink-blink*  Wha-aaat?  It may look racy,but the only thing dangerously exposed is that redhead in a veil.
Our word for today is "juxtaposition".

He wears his watch where?
 Creepy, indeed.  It's got a ..... nail. LOL
It's hard to tell in that low-contrast pic, but are we talking about the gallant reflex, here?
Or, does the sailor's uniform now include a codpiece?
Hand of the preacher, folks.  Some folks just go straight to the gutter.....
We knew that, Richard.  Some people have too high-falutin' a sense of humor...