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My kinda gun.

Comes complete with a fridge for 'rita makings...

1097161_716024555091446_1623366446_o.jpg It's actually the Indian-built and modfied version of a Bofors howitzer.


I'll take 6 plz.


I'm not convinced that this is Indian. Where are the guys in the silly hats doing the Ministry of Silly Walks stuff?
Why only 6? I woulda thought you would want a full Battalion.
Umm, no.  A battery will fill out Gunner's Ridge nicely.
You know, mad dogs and Englishmen.

Sunshade is a good idea.
 It looks like fun and all, but there's no AC...      :D
Man that sucker has a long recoil stroke

Spoken like the spook you are, Saker. 

When you get to *blow things up* a/c is really not an issue.

 You can blow things up, and I'll watch. From my batcave where there is AC.
Oh, I had a batcave, too.  The TACFIRE shelters could maintain 55 degrees at 3PM at Fort Irwin in August.
John - Did TACFIRE start to get wonky above 75 degrees?  Or was that just another example of the truism that Army air conditioning is only avalable at two levels:  way too much, or nowhere hear enough?
The latter as much as the former... 
Having been in New Delhi last week (and returning this week), the sunshade is mandatory this time of year. Temp in the afternoon? Oh, about 1000 degrees. My hat's off to the red coat-clad Englishment who conquered that region wearing their wool tunics. Oi.
I remember back when I was in the Bde staff for the then-Interim BCT, all of the staff shelter carriers had generators to run the A/C units to keep the various fun new computer systems (MCS, CSSCS, AFATDS, usw.) at a good operating temperature.

Individually, this was no problem.  But when you put the whole TOC together, having all of those gensets running simultaneously created a noise level high enough that everyone in the TOC needed to wear hearing protection.

So they had to add a trailer-mount genset, towed behind a 5-ton, to all the TOCs, BN and BDE.
We used to keep the engine running to power the Boiling Vessel for hot meals and coffee.

Heartless, that seems like it would leave a HUGE infrared signature. Around here, if I were being chased by The Law and they had their copperflopper with IR sensors overhead, I would hide next to an AC compressor if I heard them coming. There's one every 40 yards in this part of Flarduh.
P.s. The Over-Under of dying of heat stroke versus getting arrested is, of course, just a personal decision for the escaper/evader.
P.p.s. Stay hydrated!