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Morning breaks at Castle Argghhh!

And the early birds are out getting the worms. And bugs.


Was it red sky at morning or evening that sailors had to take warning of?  Since I wasn't a sailor, I never paid much attention to such things.  It is a beautiful photo and a great time of day.  I saw many such  sunrises in the Army and out deer hunting.  I always liked those cold, crisp mornings at Grafenwohr when you could hear the first 155 round going downrange cutting through the air.  A very unique sound.
Red sky at night sailors' delight.
Red sky in morning sailors take warning.
You broke the morning?
Uh oh.....SWWBO will not be happy.  Not enough Gorilla Tape in the Castle to fix that, yanno.

Oh for pity's sakes.  The freaking Canadian comedian on Facebook and now Sly makes that joke here.

Thousands of comedians out of work, and you two are sending out online resumes...

 Well - If Morning Breaks, someone better go and fix it!
I woulda thought the Armorer had his morning coffee by 1300. He's seems a bit grouchy to me.
I'm always grouchy. It's my default state.

 Ooooooooo! I'd hate to see you before your morning coffee. How does Beth stand you?
She lets me disappear into the basement until I feel human. Coincidentally, that corresponds to the time I create Whatzis'...  
Morning is braking?

 Well, that explains why those whatziss are so hard. Your evil, grouchy attitude.

Beth is a soul, she prolly tells you to go to the basement for your own good.
Beth is a soul, she prolly tells you to go to the basement for your own good.
Then why is lock to the door on the outside?
 Actually, unless you have the key, the basement door locks from the *inside*...  And of course, the vault door can be opened from the inside, regardless of the state of the locking mechanism from the outside.  Just like any properly configured walk-in freezer.
All who read here should read "Murder in the Gun Room.", by H. Beam Piper. It is available free at the Gutenberg Web Site. All who read here will gnash their toofies at the prices mentioned for old pieces in that work.