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Mid Afternoon Snacks



"...due to a tragic miscalculation of scale, the entire battlefleet was swallowed by a small dog."
 What's that in his hand?
 "Snark", on this wewbsite, from the "respected members of the Castle", I find that hard to believe.

SKK, are you askisg the right qjestion os a "premature" issue?

8 * )
 Grumpy, you know how we operate here. We are very respectful here. We do snark only on days ending in "y."
 *whew*   I was worried that he might have contracted some rare desert affliction.

I don't know, Grumpy. Am I?  ; )
 Susan, you are absolutely safe, in this crowd, you have been "permanently inoculated!" "Quartermaster, I stand corrected, but look out the time that I start causing mischief! I surely cannot take credit for all of the mischief in this blog, but it always remember that this "Armorer" keeps his head down.  I am just trying to figure out if he is the new trainee on a "Ground Zero Site at just prior to detonation." I believe this is good news from the best source. Is this written by Bill or actually written by Bill. There is a big difference. Either way, if you are squeamish about the subject matter,you are in the wrong world.either way, it will be a good piece.

Grumpy, I bet even you get squeamish from the tale! Hee, hee.... it's about  Bill, written by one of his fellow Huey pilot Vultures in Vietnam.
Ah, yes Susan, Our Bill, my favorite very-smart lovable scary indestructible badass.  Did you really find no trace of him when you were Over There? Is he really hiding out eating roasted sheep eyeballs by the campfire?
Ooh, I just had an horrible thought. Imagine that Our Bill has been captured by saxophonists! That explains a lot.  Those People will stop at nothing. I betcha they have him strapped to a chair with headphones on him, making him listen to an endlessly looped repeat of Ravel's "Bolero."
Susan, I just finished reading Bill's story you linked to, there. It was quite icky, as they say.  I can certainly understand Bill's desire to get away from the humans who don't understand him and hang out with those who do understand him. and not even hang out very much with those humans who do understand him.