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Just Another Day At The Range, NOT.

 Warning: Salty Language contained herein

Some people just shouldn't go anywhere near assuming the title of Range Master.  For this RSO should be kicked forcefully and with prejudice, for his lapse in judgement.  Luckily for us, I have a feeling that they will not live long enough to reproduce.



"Relax!  I don't know how to do this..."


Completely not calculated to make me relax...

Had she pulled the trigger again, he would likely have become very relaxed, on his way to room temperature.
As I said elsewhere about this video, he was to busy thinking with his small brain. Safety instruction first, then shooting, then perhaps video clip. Also a tripod and some film editing software will help.
"Next time I teach you."

Wha? Next time?

Not to mention he's obviously as bad with cameras as she is with guns... :)
OK...I agree he's a dork...BUT what possible anybody turns and points something she has just shot toward another living human being? Just on instinct she shouldn't be allowed to breed.
Think, on the way back to the house, she'll be running around him with her AK held on high?

Fishmugger, people who have not be brought up with firearms just DON'T KNOW that.  They thing that as long as they don't pull the trigger they are being safe. 

I've seen too much of this kind of garbage at the range - some idjit sticks a gun in the hands of his lady friend, gives her no training other than "Just pull the trigger."    We've all seen the "joke" videos on Youtube showing women given too much gun, or rather,not enough training to handle the gun the guy gave her, and the lady dropping it, getting hit in the head by it, etc.  Not her fault her idjit boyfriend/husband is, well, an idjit.



 I have to agree with Joe.  I've had several college-graduate visitors to the Castle who are shooting for the first time Just.Not.Get.It when it comes to muzzle control.

To the point where I evicted one from the range.  Oddly, they've never come back.

Ignorance is fixable.  Pugnacious Stupidity on the Firing Line is not tolerated.

 Geez, I tightened for the inevitable...Whatever happened to "Magazine out, Clear Chamber and bolt locked back?"
Maybe show them the old Fabulous Furry Freak Brothers comic in which Fat Freddy buys a shotgun with the rent money?  (quote: " Aw, don't worry, it ain't loaded!")