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He's a spugly little beast...

 But the French troops liked him well enough.

The 9mm MAT49, almost the symbol of the French Para in their post-WWII colonial wars.

Folds up compactly, especially useful for jumping, and the grip safety and folding magazine housing made accidental discharges unlikely.

He then opens up to a handy little gun.  And he's heavy enough (7.9 lbs) than even though he's small and compact, he's got enough heft to be robust and controllable.  He came with 20- and 32-round magazines.

Like most french small arms, he's spugly, but gets the job done.


Spugly has its own kind of beauty.

Plus, they looked so cute with those darling little "lizard" caps.  

Oh, France, were are you now, don't you care about your sons and daughters, 
Back in the days of our SE Asia adventures, it was considered cool to be sporting one of these whilst making your rounds. But, because 9mm was hard to come by and more importantly, better choices were to be had, they didn't go where it really counted.
lvncenturion - Yet most of the Vietnam-era SF types I served with when I was a younker said that they vastly preferred the Swedish K.  Ah, well, there's no accounting for taste...
 Reminds, kinda sorta, of teh good ol' M3 Grease Gun, a piece I liked. I liked it so much I failed to qualify a couple of times so I could get a reshoot :-)
I don't know.  The look is not so bad, very much a chunk of metal and worm but not overworn.
Looks like something that was cobbled up in a basement by someone with a few machine tools from Harbour Freight and a spot welder.