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Classy ad


Wonderful ad, my eyes got a little watery.  What is really impressive is that the old guy's uniform still fit.  I found that after seventeen years of retirement my dress uniforms have shrunken somewhat.  About six years ago I did manage to fit into the dress blues I was married in back in 1982, after my wife let the pants out as far as they would go.  She just told people that I was obviously a fat lieutenant.
Lotta pollen in the air today. Sniff. Great commercial.
But after the hug, I'm sure grandfather reminded grandson to turn his collar down, and to never salute without his headgear.  LOL
 Junior's a salt of te earth enlisted man.  He should have been the first to salute.  Great ad all te same....
 The only thing for me, was a simple nod in respect to both men. There is a time and a place for you to deal with this stuff in this was not it. Knowing when to deal with this little stuff is the actual proof of true leadership. My respect go to both men, young and Auld.
Dang, I just mowed the lawn and it must be the dust I kicked up, my eyes are watering.

I don't have a Food City near here but if I'm ever near one I'll spend some money there.

It is very nice to see a company with a little class.
I'm glad I'm not the only teary one here.   As Grumpy said it was the nod that made the moment.  Two men who really understood where the other was coming from.  Perfect father-son moment.
  I finally got to show my son my Dad's resting place in Santa Fe last week amid the rows upon rows of his buddies.  Dang I'm glad I could make that real.
There are some things that always make me choke up and tear up.  Stuff like that is one of them.

But given the age of the old gentleman's uniform, I think the relationship is more likely grandather and grandson.