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Boom-Boom Palooza 2013 (The Denouement)

Last Saturday was a red-lettered day to remember, as The Americans in Wartime Museum held its annual open day.  I was glad to get to link-up with many of our Castle friends, and catch-up on our goings on.  David M, InstaPinch, The Baroness, SKK, and Fishmugger were all in evidence, with the added bonus of getting to know many other Reproachable Reprobates who orbit around the crew.

I was going to regale you all with pictures, but U.K's Daily Mail beat me to the punch.  Through an inside scoop, one of their intrepid reporters were also there, to catch all the action.  Their article, photos and videos are: HERE.

But if I must, let me share this little video of a winnie roast, that I made: FIIIYAAAAH!

A Flaming Ear *er* (with apologies to SKK): 

There were old ladies:

Putting the Boom-Boom in Boom-Boom Palooza:

And Toys: 

Lottsa of toys: 

But poigniant of all, Brooklyn's Squad 252, whose 6 occupants are still to finish their work shift:



I am consumed with envy, contemplating the good time y'all obviously had, there.  Nothing cool ever happens around here. Dammit.
 I note teh deflagrating Lasagna was not demoed. I realize that's a recent discovery, but it does demonstrate good ol' Yankee know how. Below the Mason-Dixon line we prefer to eat such things.
 Well... that was at the after party... Heh.

First time I've seen 40mms fitted with tridents.

Are they some form of flash hider?

Muzzle velocity measurement for the gunsight computer.
  When I looked at that top video, my thoughts went something like this, "WOW, now that's real heartburn!" Starting this year, I am officially "House bound". This is by directors or my doctors and more importantly, my body. It did my heart good to see and know that all of you were having a good time. My spirit is there, but left my body here. This is best for all of us, including me. "Carry on!
Well, dang, Grumpy.  Now we all have to record everything, so you can watch...