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Boom-Boom Palooza 2013

Tomorrow and Sunday, The Americans in Wartime Museum over at Nokesville VA, is holding its annual Open House *better known as Boom-Boom Palooza 2013*  If you live in the greater D.C. Capital Region, or inhabit anywhere between Baltimore and Richmond, GET Yer Butt DOWN THERE!!!

You can reach it by making tracks to: Parkgate Drive (sandwiched between Aden Road and Slate Bridge Road) in Nokesville VA. The Bing Map location is HERE.

Where else  will you be able to feast on such a rich display of wartime artifacts in one place.  From diddle AT Guns:

To WWII Sherman Tanks: 

Oh and did I mentioned FieeeYAAH:

And besides, if you want to see the homage that they've made to Massa John manning a Bofors, come on down:

Go Team Castle Argghhh, let's all make it there!!!




One of the greatest militaria collections in the country, and a first class patriotic event as well. 
Wish I could go, but too far.  Anyone within 400 miles, needs to get mounted up and headed out ASAP!

Full after-action report and photos required.
 Yeah.  What J(NTA) said!

Mebbe next year, after things settle down around here.

You know, "Boom-Boom" has had different meanings in different times and places ??? 
 Yes, but one hopes that when one reaches the skill level 40 plateau, one has left behind such puerile humor and vernacular.
Thank you, Boq!  : )   On Saturday and Sunday we will have LOTS of re-enactments, plus a live fire bunker assault featuring a Marine Corps WW2 history unit (hint: we planted some charges in the field today, and it will look like the Sherman really is helping all-a those Marines when they charge the bad guys). Plus a flamethrower demo, military working dogs, and armor as far as the eye can see. Today I helped test some of the equipment for the show, and had to drive a Brit APC around the track. Heh. Yep -- you all have to visit!
Dammit, Susan, I am feeling a bit old and sickly m'self lately, and wish I could distract self from the aches and pains by playing with armored vehicles and kabooms, too.
In the words of Ivanova:
There's ALWAYS a BOOM!

I wish you could, too, JTG. It really is good for what ails you. I will take lots of pics today, though, and I bet Boq does, too. For some reason, I am fascinated by that Lego scene of the Battle of Pelelieu. I photog'd it quite obsessively - I shall post more that Boq can swipe offa my FB page! Okay, off to play with Heavy Metal. Fishmugger came in yesterday, and fed me hamburger last night, and is meeting up w'  Boq, Concrete Bob, David M, meself & Crew ... concluding with BBQ & festivities around the bonfire!
 Howling at the Moon - The perfect way to cap the day.