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Austrian straight-pull bolts

 Because I just *know* you were wanting to see the bolts from those Mannlichers yesterday...

On the left, the M1895 bolt, the ultimate expression of the Baron's design. Front lugs, locking at the breech, turning in helical grooves inside the bolt - make the bolt lighter, faster, and the lock-up stronger.

On the right, the M1886, the first production (vice the M1885 trials rifles) of the Baron's design. Uses a tipping block that cams down and locks the bolt - requiring a long bolt (also driven by the cartridge length, to feed from the magazine) and a heavier bolt, to provide the requisite rigidity.

Both are a pain to get back in the rifle. You have to hold them carefully so that both forms of locking lug will stay in the unlocked position... which, by the nature of the bolts, they don't wanna!


With a hell of a lot less holding them in place, how did they do handling the force of the smokeless AUS 8x50mm?
I'll take the Mauser turnbolt, for actual use, than you. I'd like a few for simply the having, however.
I've shot a few Schmit-Rubens and that straight pull bolt scares the bejebus out of me.  Just doesn't feel right, like I left out a step.
 The one that worries me is the Canadian Ross. You can assemble the bolt incorrectly, and it will fly back out of the receiver when you shoot it.

The Swiss and Austrian rifles, no worries.