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And a chill goes through the ranks

 The question is, is it the right chill, going in the right direction?

One hopes there is rather more to the story than what is blandly stated in the article. Because the bare facts as stated don't rise to a relief in my eyes.

Why is it important? Because if it was rather more energetic an event than you can glean from the article, or is the culminating event of a series of issues, the relief is supportable.

If it is just as it is stated, that suggests rather that the chain of command, at least on Shoup, is running scared in the current environment, which is also not healthy - and sends a bad message to the enlisted leadership of the fleet - their reaction to which will potentially be a whirlwind reaped by the officer corps.

So, regardless of where the pendulum is swinging in this particular case, more detail would be useful. What's provided just leaves far more questions for me (and especially were I a sailor) than it answers.


I'm with you based on what is stated in the article. I've been of the opinion for several years, going back to the Clinton years, that the Ossifer Corps has been running scared because PC has run amok in the Navy and shows no signs of ending until the service is destroyed.

The article does seem to have been rather carefully written especially as to the lack of the identity of the "sailor" victim.  I guess these days, the next question would be "Above the belt, or below?"
 The article did say the CMC grabbed the sailor "by the blouse," which I expect means above the belt.
 This is dangerous territory, there is not much more than I could add to the wisdom of the Castle. Even if what Casey said is absolutely correct, there is one question which must be answered. Precisely, what regulation did this Sailor  vioiolate? Yes, I want the specific regulation. Silence is not acceptable answer. The Regulations are there for a purpose and they are specific. Let all of the truth come out for both the the CMC and the sailor.
Is there not a charge report that is posted on a military justice system site?
The article has ZERO details.
Was there a "verbal exchange"?
Were there threats? Is there a history?
Why is this chief's career going in the sh*tter, and who was out to get him?
What is this sailors history?
I'm gonna pull an "Obama" on this one and say "I don't have the facts on this, but "The Navy acted stupidly"".
You can't tussle here, this is a WAR ship!

Is this the current Captain of the ship, perhaps nicknamed "Mom" by the crew?!

Oh, and I doubt this has anything to do with what's going on that ship.  Emphasis mine:

From the ship's news: 7/18/2013

Sailors from USS Shoup Start GLASS Organization

By Ensign Joseph N. Mahoney, USS Shoup Public Affairs

USS SHOUP, At Sea - Sailors from guided-missile destroyer USS Shoup (DDG 86) have established one of the first gay, lesbian, and supporting Sailors (GLASS) organizations on board a U.S. Navy vessel.

GLASS is a peer-to-peer group for lesbian, gay and bisexual Sailors and supportive members, established with the goal of providing a forum for all Sailors to increase their understanding of the gay community.

Participants are encouraged to express their feelings and questions in an open, nonjudgmental environment.

"I am enthusiastic and excited about having GLASS on board to promote crew members working together to support one another in the challenges faced by afloat Sailors while working to increase camaraderie, team work, understanding of different perspectives, and do community volunteer work." said Commanding Officer Cmdr. Jill Cesari. "I think it is fantastic that FC3 Greenwood worked through the administrative requirements to formally create the organization on board, which required several hours of her personal time, and then promoted it to grow the membership."

Good Gawd!  I tihnk that these last two posts have identified the core problem which infect this ship.  It is not a violence prone Command Master Chief, but a policially correct skipper and a crew with some degnerate pervert activists (my term, undoubtedly not theirs) who are receiving preferential treatment to the detriment of good order and discipline.

That scow manned by misfits and Diversity worshippers is not part of the Navy fleet I was part of, for which I am both grateful and saddened.

Aye, tear their tattered ensigns down, Oh, better that her shattered hulks Should sink beneath the wave.

I was taught in NCOES - that a NCO can go hands on with a disobiedient Soldier in order to accomplish the mission I know the rules have changed over the years since I retired (2009) but this is ridiclious.. isn't CPT's Mast and ART 15.... the Chief should have demanded a Courts Martial.