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All That For A Flag? I Don't Think So



Yet more evidence of the Bizarro World we now live in.
Now, that's a flag I would gladly burn in a heartbeat, but only after stomping and artistically piling elephant dung on it (or dog poop if no unconstipated elephants are nearby). 

That rag does not represent our nation, or anything good in this world.  It is not disrespectful, nor a breech of flag etiquette, to do whateve one wants to with this offensive bit of bunting.

One should question the wisdom and intentions of anyone who displays this offensive symbol.

Of course, one should not destroy the property of others, even idiots, so limit any defacement of this symbol to those which you own, or perhaps clean up from the trash of previous owners, when they scramble off for their next issue of "free stuff."

Dr. Martin Luther King would be appalled at how his people have been misled and seduced by the promise of "free stuff" instead of the satisfaction from earning things based on the content of their character.

I fear our country is doomed and past the point of extremis.
Target practice!!!
John (NTA)
What do you want to bet the first time someone lit one of these flags the Obama/Holder DOJ would find some reason to put them in jail and throw away the key? You can desecrate the American flag all you want but you better not mess wit 'Da One'.
To paraphrase Charlie Daniels:

That's no flag, that's just a rag."
 I respectfully submit for your consideration, United States Code, Title 4, Subparts 3 and 8(g).

Any luck this was DC?
 Yes, P2, that was part of the sad scene that was the *er* Civil Rights March in Washington D.C, this past weekend.
 Why am I not surprised?