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A very classic Castle moment last night

 These three items arrive in the mail.

Does SWWBO roll her eyes? No - she correctly identifies two of the three items - the Mannlicher clip with M1886 Patronen in it and the fuze. And actually listens politely and asks intelligent questions as I describe the purpose and function of the M737 training round in the center.

I married well. Took three tries, but I did finally get it right.


Mmmm... APDS-ilicious
I would love to see a contest to identify all of the tank gunnery training devices out there. I think that we would all be very surprised.  We produced very good tank gunners and tank commanders, but that didn't stop us from insisting on yet another gunnery training device to make them even better. Yet, these magnificent gunners would roll out to NTC and get their asses kicked on a regular basis.
"Yet, these magnificent gunners would roll out to NTC and get their asses kicked on a regular basis."

Thus spake the Grunt.

To further elaborate - these are technical solutions to technical problems, which the DATs were/are very good at. If they can see it, they can hit it. If they hit it, they can kill it.

This is the Science.

Getting the tanks to where they need to be when they need to be there and seeing the target first...

That is the Art.

They're techies, not artists.
The "E's" take care of putting the ordnance on target.

The "O's" are the ones who are supposed to get them inthe right place at the right time.

Both need to be good at their jobs.
skuuuuze mezz, but, da pointy thingie is painted blue. thus it is a TPDS-T (sans cartrage case brass or steel and about 30 pounds of propelent) I recovered one from the old Kenedy KD range at Ft Knox way back '79 ot 80. still got it in the garrage some place.
Yeah, I remember loading and shooting M737's when I was going through the USAR 19E reclass course in 1988.  Decent round, inside 2000 meters or so. 

On the other hand APFSDS has such massively better target effects due to the long-rod penetrator that the older stuff kinda passed out of favor except for training purposes.