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A High Prince In Low Places

Since there are military uniforms sporting long lanyards, this picture is appropriate for a MilBlog. However the content presented within is slightly risqué in nature.  Proceed accordingly.



Something is wrong with this picture. In fact, several things wrong. Prince Harry's tunic is an Other Ranks tunic (enlisted man's) and his overalls do not have the proper red stripe, an officer's stripe is much wider in the Blues and Royals. His cartouche box is a Life Guards pattern (leather). The Blues and Royals have a gold metallic cartouche box. Photoshop. The Duke of Cambridge is not wearing the uniform of the Irish Guards, rather some other regiment, possibly a dragoon guards tunic. Photoshop.

Fake, fake, fake
 Well, I´m glad that someone here in The Castle has a grasp of *er* the situation.
 Looks like a certain Prince also has a "grasp" of the situation.

I can't speak to teh other stuff that Centurian points out, however, know too little about British Heraldry and Uniforms. I some times thought, however, that having uniforms unique to certain units would be a good thing for the US Army.
Course is Photoshop! Dat wos me, with hand to loffly cheek but dey graft ugly redhead to hide manly Pole! Wos only wishink happy life; nutting kinky. Not wiz dat pepperotzi camera schmuck watchink, anyways...
Andre is back...? Hands on your wallets, lads and lasses....
Harry is a real live warrior who has put his life on the line willingly and fought the enemies of his nation... and ours.

Yeah this photo is a photoshop figment of someone's imagination (although rather humorous).

However, if he wants to engage in some grabassery with willing adults, I say go for it, and let's all cheer him on.

As for the spawn of our own ruling class elites, too few of them have the slightest inclination to wear the uniform or defend anything but their own perks and privileges. 

I salute Harry, and his minor indiscretions deserve to be forgiven.  Repeatedly if necessary.  We are not protected by plaster saints, but by rough men ready to do violence on our behalf.
 Heeey - André is back!!!