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A Castle Publick Service Announcement

 Keep your finger away from the trigger unless you mean to pull it.

So - remember: Finger not near trigger unless you intend to shoot.




No exceptions.

Muzzles and penii don't mix.

No, really.

Trust me.



Charging the gent with  "reckless discharge"  just seems kinda cruel under the circumstances:-)


Rich in KCK
JtA, your #1 Google rating for "I bayonetted myself" just got a competitor...
The recent story of the porn star who "broke" his thing was kinda scary, too. LOL
 Gee, Frank, I missed that one. Interesting surfing habits you have... ;)
"This is my rifle and this is my gun, one is for killing and the other for fun...."

It is important the the two shall never meet.
It depends on the meaning of "Accidental Discharge". According to the Glock enthusiasts, the Glock safe action system prevents accidental discharge as you must pull the trigger to sequentially disengage the three safety features before gun can fire. This is a very good system, but did not work in this case as the muldoon stuck his finger through the trigger guard and squeezed the trigger without intending to do so. It's also possible to mimic the action of the trigger finger with other external objects. It's not likely, but possible.

That's why I always prefer a separate safety independent of the trigger, but that's just me (and my little friend).
Just which little friend are we talking about here, Ivncenturion?

You sure have a big...Glock.
I'm sure your little friend appreciates that.




Bet his new nickname at work will be Whistlin' Dick.

 Joe, I can think of a few others. The most printable would be "dead eye."
 Some things are just so much better learned by observing the actions, and mistakes, of others, as opposed to personal experience.
I was going to leave this one alone, trying to stay on a high plane and all, but I just can't help m'self;

What a dick!
Which reminds me: We can mostly get away with dick jokes. Why can't we get away with twat jokes?  Do the wimmins have special privileges, or something?  (Yah, I know they do,  but would still like to see it explained.)
Being that the distaff side is concave rather than convex, for one of them to perform the equivalent mistake would require some doing-and a really serious miscalculation.
Here's a question. Do female marines have an equivalent chant to "This is my rifle, this is my gun......"?