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Those ammo guys...


It's all about choices although why those two guys in the middle would choose to be dropped off the wing of a jet is beyond me. Maybe they're younger?
Not sure about the IQ of those new smart bombs.
Don't forget the specialty munition in front of the nose gear, the 'kitchen sink'.

Nice assortment from our Air Force amateurs.

However, TINS, for some Naval Aviators who really know how to dump on the enemy, check out:

Is it just me, or are those a couple of red-assed baboons? Must show this to Baldilocks; she used to be a bomb loader for the USAF. Oh, she's Black, too.  Unlike that other half-Luo, the one in the Oval Office, I betcha she could see the humor in it.
 Thats a whole bunch of Fuck You Mr bad guy !