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So, who *was* that masked gun?

This is the latest next-to-the-latest retired veteran to make his way to the Castle Argghhh! Home for Auld Soldiers.

So, this was the question - who created him and with whom did he serve?  From the base picture alone, a little judicious googling would have gotten you to Polish-made Kbk Wz 29.  The front sight ears and front barrel band should have gotten you to that, as it did indeed for Sean.  Slick was close, but no cigar.

Which is what made the second picture the key discriminator.

As Sean observed -  the riveted flat spring for the extractor makes it Polish in origin - but not necessarily in service.  The complete lack of markings, other than the serial number, are what identifies this rifle as one of the Polish Kbk Wz 29's shipped to the Spanish Republic during the Spanish Civil War, shipped through intermediaries such as China, Mexico, Peru, Venezuela, etc.  100 or so also went to Afghanistan during this time frame.  Rifles purchased for use by the Polish army had the normal Polish markings on the reciever and right side rail.  The "scrubbed" rifles went to Spain.

All of which Al put together for the win!



It pays to listen to the old guys. One of my grandfather's neighbours was a 'Mac-Pap', a member of the Mackenzie-Papineau brigade from Canada that fought for the Republican side. He spoke of Mausers and 'Russian rifles' with no manufacturers marks. I've never actually seen one.