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Power Company



Grandson is in for a shock...
Neffi wins.
Gramps may have been an electrician, but that doesn't say anything about what he did before that.
Lieutenant-Colonel Kratman, the SF writer, admires the Waffen-SS, but admits that they probably would not have let him join up, what with his Jewish grandmother and that Gypsy in the woodpile.
Oh, speaking of Gypsies in the woodpile, Mrs. Keating just got back from a trip to Asia, and said she could find no trace of Our Bill. She surmises that he has gone Full Luddite. I imagine he's sitting next to a campfire somewhere in Kyrghizstan, eating roasted sheep eyeballs and exchanging war stories with his buds.
 One of the great lines from "The Office":

"My Grampy Mannheim is 103 and still puttering around Argentina.  I tried to visit him once, but my visa was protested by the Shoah Foundation".
If I may be even more rude, here is a nasty one: "My Grandpa died at Auschwitz." "Oh, how horrible!  Was it really bad?"  "Oh, yes, he got stinking drunk, fell out of the guard tower and broke his neck."
P.s.  I did work with some of the Original Space Nazis at MSFC back in 1971 or so. Wernher had already been kicked upstairs by then, but I did get to meet Eberhard Rees, Georg Von Tiesenhausen, and Ernst Stuhlinger. Did y'all know that Wernher got his copy of "Astounding" every month, all through the war? Switzerland, or something. He was reading stories by Harry Clement Stubbs, who was overhead dropping bombs on him and his, being in the Mighty Eighth. 

Which reminds me; I wonder if some of the Flakhilferinnen might have had inner conflicts at the prospect of killing Jimmy Stewart.