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This is not my bike.




I recognize it from Herr Pee-Wee Sr.'s Great Adventure. 
That upper rear frame is... expensive :-(
 But, you wish it were. :-)
Definitely not the Armorer's. Nary a Gunner's Quadrant in sight. And he would never so defile those bayonets - how could you possible stab yourself with one of those?
Neffi - I know, right?
Doesn't the ladies model use the WWI I better not go there...
 At least they are not hooked quillions - though they could have used fakes to cause Neffi and other's heads to explode!
They are faking the M1905 these days so thanks, SezaGeoff, I'll believe that...
I get a lot of requests for heavy ordnance items from folks wanting to use them for oddball "artsy" projects, mainly from the motorcycle crowd, for use as fuel tanks, mufflers, oil tanks, etc.  Had some folks get brass shell cases as seats for sailboat masts.   Even had one lady looking for a bomb casing to cut for use as a cradle. (Her husband is an EOD type!).

I don't mind providing materials for some of their projects, but hate it when they want some rare and desirable collector item to deface.
As one who rides a bike to work on occasion, I would love to ride that bike in one day.

I am sure heads would explode, bwaaa haaa haa ha.


Rich in KCK
Wow!  That would give DiFi an apoplexy!
I wonder if you could get that thing past the gate guards on post?