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My kind of boating...

 JOHN C STENNIS SPACE CENTER, Miss. (Aug. 16, 2009) – Special Warfare Combatant-craft Crewmen (SWCC) from Special Boat Team 22 drive a Special Operations Craft-Riverine (SOC-R) . SWCC are U.S. Special Operations Command maritime mobility experts.



As a wise man, and my favorite Platoon Sergeant used to say, "If it moves, put a gun on it. If it still moves, put another gun on it."  And thank God for our "maritime mobility experts". 
 When you consider that the Riverines are ALWAYS at a tactical disadvantage vs. riverside ambushes, you can't have enough firepower to break up those ambushes. I've always wondered why no effort has been made to develope some sort of short-range jungle-penetrating radar that would reliably show up these ambushes before the SOC-R boat gets caught in them. Maybe it's just not technically doable. Maybe each boat should be flying/monitoring the FLIR from a drone while in ambush country.
I see no boat in that picture. Where are the sails?  I mean, Rivrdog thinks he has a boat, but he doesn't really, his boat having no sails.

(Just kidding. Honest! Scout's Honor!)
 That is one honking big Jon Boat! I like accesories too!
QM, I like accessories too, especially if they are 1.) A big honking beer cooler and. . .   Oh forget 2., as long as 1. is big enough.
Justthisguy:  You sound like my brother used to.  He claimed to be the real sailor in the family since he raced cats for fun.  My being ESWS qual'd USN with over a third of my time at sea didn't count...

I think they need a couple Mk19s added IMHO...
But, but Kerry was wounded.
Cannons. It needs more cannons.

How about a Quad Fifty mount; maybe two.
I'd certainly go for a cuppla Mk 19s.
The only thing about MK-19s when you pull in close to a river bank like that, if you shoot the trees nearby, you get a face full of splinters. A .50 cal would just go through the trunk. I guess training and trigger discipline would take care of the problem. 
Carronades.  They need a coupla carronades. Rake their decks with canister, then board 'em in the smoke. Yarr!
Well, the minigun almost gets them to that, JTG, albeit without the smoke.
The smoke is essential!
JTG--Is that a smoke generator  of some sort in the corner of the boat with all the tubes sticking out?
 Not a smoke generator per se - smoke grenade launchers, though.