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Mayor Bloomberg is not a new phenomenon...

Here's a 1940 letter to the SECNAV

Hon. Frank Knox, Secretary of War [NB: Actually Secretary of the Navy]
October 4, 1940
Dear Mr. Knox:

It is very discouraging to one who, in spite of a Mid-western Republican background and active Republican sympathies, nevertheless wrote his Congressman in support to the compulsory military training program, and hoped for all possible material aid to the cause of Britain, to hear of the proposal made under your apparent blessing, to conscript the national physique through some inane form of mass, compulsory calisthenics. Please bear in mind before you lend material aid to the cause of totalitarian exercise that while the people of the United States have a right to expect that such of their number as are necessary and available should have experience and knowledge concerning the business of defending our liberties, they do not have a right that every citizen not engaged in receiving that experience and knowledge should be able to jump through a flaming hoop over a barrier of up-ended swords in the manner of all fascists. If, when the citizen is not engaged in actual military training his muscles are not as taut as bow-strings, his back sags and his belly protrudes, and he smokes too many cigarettes it is strictly his business and not that of the people of the United States as represented by their duly elected or appoint and unduly frightened officials, at least not to the extent of compelling him to jump about in his undershirt in depressing imitation of Nazi exhibitionism. Next we will be told to go out and have some illegitimate children by the biggest woman we can find... If that physical education program goes through on a compulsory basis my present reaction is to go to jail rather than leap-frog my way with the rest of the dictatorship, for that circumstance would stand as a milestone toward the end of my opportunity to live and attain within the limits of my capabilities.

E. S., Champaign, Il.


The Founders got it right the first time. Just show up for militia drill once a month with rifle, boots, etc., or you don't get to vote.