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I'm thinking... probably not so much, really

 My kinda Ammo Dawgs, though.

Heh.  Not so much.


Actually I think it's true. After all, if you can read this there's been a failure to detonate. ;)
Good one, KCSteve.

I was thinking "This won't hurt a bit." 
How old  old is that picture. 

The Buff is probably a B-52 F possibly an  E, or D, or C.  For sure it is not a B, G, or H model. 
 Just from the quality of the pic it's probably old.  I dunno.  I didn't take it.

You guys are all into trees today (other posts as well) and to hell with the forests...

What ya got there is yer MK53 ThermoNUClear bomb. Was the oldest and most powerful bomb carried by the USAF. Delivery vehicle was the B52 "G" model and only the "G" model because of the bomb bay configuration. 12 feet long, 4 feet around and weighed about 8800 pounds, and was slowed after drop by no less than 5 parachutes; a 5 foot pilot, a 16 foot extractor, and three 48 foot mains. The MK53's were retired over the past few years, and the last one was disassembled early this year at Pantex, in Texas.
Instead of disassembling it we should have droped it on mecca.
That would have made an inpression upon the natives.
Considering the 10 MTonnes sign, I wonder if the bomb is part of a static display at a museum someplace. The Sorry nose-art could be part of the display since it is historical that such things were painted. It's not the USAF Museum, since its MK53 is inside one of the hangars.
Mythilt, If I remember correctly, that's at the Sandia National Atomic Museum at Albuquerque, NM. Went to a nucwpns school there. The hardest part of the school was learning how to spell Albuquerque.
That's where it is.  Click here.
The B-52 probably IS a B model, something that went to the bone yard or a static display in 1963.

It has an occupied Tail Compartment, has a tall tail, and ailerons of the pre G & H models. The drop tanks appear to be the small B model ones.

I can not see if there are engine driven alternators mounted on 4 of the engines. Nor can I see if the tail guns and radar that were on the B model.

None of this takes from the basic interest of the delivery system.

OH by the way a B model was the first B-52 ti be shot down.  It was shot down by a NM National Guard F-100!
Ah, thank you very much TwoFiveZulu.