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I do not recognize the putative gun. I do recognize the GMD-1 radiosonde tracker (less the actual receiver ball) in the bed of the deuce.  It's possible the gun is a one-off build test rig for some purpose, but I doubt it, given the apparent lack of any functional recoil system.

Interesting factoid: I commanded HHB 1st Infantry DIVARTY at Fort Riley, 1985-87. My father commanded HHB DIVARTY 10th Infantry DIVARTY at Fort Riley in 1955-56. Under Operation Gyroscope, the 10th Infantry and 1st Infantry swapped places with the 1st coming back from Wurzburg, Germany to Fort Riley, while the 10th fell in on Wurzburg. When I assumed command, the Auld Soldier attended the guidon-passing (commenting acidly that back in his day, command was assumed at battery level by sitting at the desk after the other guy left with his Report of Survey).

The Auld Soldier being the Auld Soldier, he had his property inventory.  The GMD-1 I was signed for in the mid-late 80's was the same, then nearly brand-new one he had back in the 50's.  It had gone to Vietnam with the division in the interim.

I don't know anything else about the photo, other than I suspect it's a bunch of military vehicle collectors, vice actual in-service kit.  But I could be wrong, since I don't see any license plates.


It's a M68 105mm Tank Gun. trailer mounted and rigged for Propane fire. used at Mil Vehicle shows
I recommend contacting InfoWars ASAP, this could be the critical piece of evidence that they have been looking for.  Don't forget to point out the combat golf cart in the background.
Propane?  How silly.  Don't they know that acetylene is louder?