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Here's one for Panther01

After the exchange in comments yesterday...

GAU-8 for Dusty


 That would fit in the basement. You'd need at least a 5 ton and a support frame for the Technical, however.
I went to a class at Davis-Monthan that had a GAU-8 in hallway. When our class broke for lunch, we went across the hall too watch film from the class being taught in that classroom. That class was the maintainers of cannon sitting in the hallway, so was much more entertaining than our booelan math for digital circuits :)
In fact that pic looks like the builing at DM.....
You should see what it's like to fire it indoors. Granted, it was only one round, but still... 
Then, one day, they discovered full-sized guns; and they were very happy.

Jerry - Yeah, we're cool that way... Of course, when most of your classes contain topics e.g. chamber pressure, cyclic rate of fire, blast radius and kilo-ton, it's hard to not be cool (in a twisted sort of way).
FWIW back when the Army was working on the Sgt. York AA tank project, Sperry Corp's entry was a vehicle with a 5 barrel 37mm gatling-style cannon.  The gun was mounted low on a turret and was as wide as the tank chassis.