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Green Ammunition

I was going to write about this - "Green Ammunition" - but CDR Salamander already covered it.

I fervently wish the good idea mongers would go live-test this stuff themselves.

I'm not against more effective ammunition.  I'm not against cheaper ammunition, either.  I'm not against spending more if the effectiveness tradeoff is there.

I am against making more expensive, less effective ammunition just because we fervently want to believe it makes us somehow nicer to the environment.

Especially when the bad guy is just going for "effective."


What you said!
OH NOES!  Our ammo isn't evironmentally friendly!  Blowing up the evironment is perfectly ok if we do it with green ammo?

And just how DOES the population of Europe survive amongst all that horrible ammo pollution from all the previous wars, if ammo is so toxic?
 An effective ammunition is one that makes the largest hole in the enemy at the lowest cost per round.  For fuc# sake people, go spend your "green energy" time with the people that need shooting and tell them to change their ways.  Sing kumbyah.  
I bemember the time when I helped a gal I was hanging out with to arm herself. We picked out a nasty little S&W Chief's Special for her, and then the clerk asked her what kind of ammo she wanted. She was quite ignorant of guns, but seemed to have an intuitive understanding of wound ballistics.

Her answer? "Whatever kind makes the biggest holes."

Further: A few years back, the Swedish army was going to change their ammo, not to be Green, but to make the bullets safer for those who got shot by them. I guess they figured it was OK to shoot the enemy, as long as you didn't hurt them too much. This is gigglicious, considering that our genial host used to be ready to shoot ammo which would not just blow people to atoms, but actually ionize them.
I have long since ceased to marvel at the brainlessness and/or deviousness of the political class in this country.

I do, however, find it impossible to understand why the Armed Forces seem to enthusiastically going along with this idiocy.
Neon, it is the defect of one of their virtues, that is, the virtue of obedience. Unthinking obedience, or "Kadaver-Gehorsam" as Frederick the Great put it, Is what distinguishes an army from an armed mob. This puts an onus on the officers, who are required to use their heads. The higher the officer, the more he is supposed to use his head, and the less like a robot he should be. I think we have some robots with stars on their shoulders.
P.s. I recall reading an essay recently on this subject by a retired Marine officer. He was talking about the new rules about gay troops. Marines are famous for conditioned-reflex obedience, even when it's contrary to reason, and the mission. "We are ordered to have Diversity, and we will by God have Diversity, or I will know the reason why!"
I seem to recall one of my reserve units discussing an issue with de-leading an inside shooting range. My recollection is that the problem wasn't the bullets but with the primers, which contained lead. Sure, hunters are required (in NC) to hunt with steel shot for waterfowl, but that is because the birds would eat the shot that missed them.

But, sheesh! Making bullets cost twice as much and be only about as effective, if that! It's not like all those small pieces of lead are going to be eaten, especially not if they hit their targets, which is much more likely if soldiers get enough ammo to go to the range a lot! Kids get hurt by lead paint because they eat it, not because they walk next to, come on people! Kids get hurt by lead in gasoline because they can't help but breath it, which is still an issue in western Africa, I'm told. All that lead was dug out of the ground, and most of it going to get buried in a pile of dirt behind a target, paper or tango, there to bother no one again. Okay, rainwater might leach a little of it, but I wonder about that--lead survives sulfuric acid in car batteries for crying out loud.

Oh, good grief, y'all probably figured this out for yourselves. I may have to write my congressman. This is ridiculous. Somebody should turn these people in to the fraud, waste, and abuse hotline.
Next, they'll mandate kill ratios based on demographic quotas.
Dirty little Secret Hate Fact: Lead is worse for you if you are Black, that is, Sub-Saharan African. The only place I've ever seen this mentioned was in an aside in a reloading article in American Rifleman magazine. It warned black reloaders to be particularly careful with the lead hygeine. We are not supposd to pay any attention to HBD, of course.
Repace cheap lead with expensive copper? Has someone got shares in a copper mine?

What's next, replace the spitzer shape with round nose for deep penetration without tumbling?
rik, I think that's what the Swedes did.  M'self, I wouldn't mind having bullets made of sharp-pointed tungsten carbide rods with a copper jacket to take the rifling. Probably have to have some cannelures to give the copper room to flow. With proper position of bullet's CG and right twist in the rifling, one could have armor piercing and properly revolting wound ballistics, too. That would be just the thing for use against home invaders wearing armor,helmets, badges, balaclavas etc.