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Daddy's Home

You have all seen those tear-jerking videos of Servicemen returning from deployment and meeting their long separated DOGS.   Well, this video is not:



Funny, and oh so true...
 Cats are like chicks, "did you bring me a present"?
Cat hater... :)
Bears out some frequent quotes about cats.

"Dogs have owners.  Cats have staff."

"In ancient Egypt, people worshipped cats as gods.  Cats have never forgotten this."
Wait til the guy sees what is on his bed... 
Cat guy here: Cats are all stars in Short Attention Span Theater.
Me, too, Rivr. When I came home after a coupla months' absence, Kitteh trotted right up, purring like a Maxim, and flopped over sideways, as did I, and we got some mutual love. There were no reproaches about "Where have you been?" as the cat brain ain't big enough to think about you when you aren't present. He was certainly glad to see me again, though.
Which reminds - Dear Mr. Bill, come home soon.