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Celebrate The Second On The Fourth...

 We're ready to cross the LD.

And we expect to reprise this scene, though the Gunner will be a tad taller this time.


 Quartermaster and the Fam have arrived.  Let the festivities commence!
 Happy 4th, guys!
Hmm, Castle Argghhh and the QM Clan together for the 4th of July. Western NC & Eastern TN -lookout folks! :) Have a great one guys.
Happy 4th of July!
Did Qm bring the Strange grandson? I certainly hope so, being somewhat Strange m'self.
 Yepeprs! brought the Grandson and a pony keg for the kegger.

The keg held 5 gallons of Root Beer, however. :-)
 And both the root beer and the birch beer were right tasty!
Totes Jelly. Gonna have to sell a kidney this year, to make it next year!
You better show up next year Brad. I'm getting tired of petting the guard on your behalf! Gunner would certainly like to make your acquatance and you may even want to take Sue Ellen home with you. :-)

The Keg didn't work out that well, alas. The RB was a bit flat. The Birch Beer held its fizz rather well, but it was in half gallon growlers, Next year, I'll bring it all in growlers. Prolly equal amounts of Birch and Root Beer. I think about a third of the RB was left. The Birch Beer was hit a bit harder. But, alas, I only had a gallon of it and only about a 20-25ounces was left. The Armorer suggested that being vibrated for over 800 miles may have had some effect and that's about as good an answer as I can come up with too.