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Black powder, salt water...

 ...those tubes took some extra punching.  

Paratroopers from Alpha Battery, 2nd Battalion, 377th Parachute Field Artillery Regiment, 4th Brigade Combat Team (Airborne), 25th Infantry Regiment [actually 25th Infantry Division], fire artillery during the commissioning ceremony for the Navy's newest ship, the USS Anchorage at the Port of Anchorage, Alaska, May 4, 2013. The paratroopers provided a 19-gun salute with six 105mm howitzer cannons during the ceremony. U.S Army photo by Sgt. Eric-James Estrada

[The caption-fail-monster strikes again.  Guys - you document and caption the first draft of history.  You have an obligation to get it right.]


Damn, it's hard on the ankles when you land with one of those strapped on your chest.
Looks like a good broadside, yardarm to yardam. Cutlasses, pikes, and pistols - boarding party away.

The Electric Strawberry lives !!! 
Why would a PFAB be attached to a leg infantry division.  I thought the 377th was part of the 101st Airborne.
The 4th Brigade, 25th Infantry Division is an Airborne Brigade Combat Team. The 101st Airborne Division is no longer airborne, it's an air assault division and carries the airborne title for historical reasons. It's complicated.
 You think that is more noteworthy than the fact that the photographer's name is Eric Estrada?
Anyone care to mention that the Airborne artillery is flame bombing the USN? Some Inter-service rivalry live on, and on, and on.... THB
It's like the Army-Navy game, Army was trying to sink Navy but forgot the projectiles.