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For some reason or other, y dear departed mother didn't much like it at all when my toy soldiers came under a napalm attack.
Mine suffered from black powder and dirt clod artillery...
Do the real guys have excess skin like the little ones have excess plastic?  

Yes; we suck it up and wear it about our waists as we age.
I always said that "Steve" was bayneting someone. 
Steve used to be in the SCA.

Steve always fought in the 4th rank with a pike.

Steve has forgotten that his stubby little rifle can't reach over the spearmen, axemen, and shield wall in front of him. 

Steve has also failed to notice that there IS no shield wall in front of him.
Actually, thecontext part of the picture is missing.  Steve is somewhere between chest deep and nose deep in water fording a river or doing an amphibious landing, with bullets splashing and zinging all around him..  Shame on those who ignorantly maligned Steve. You should have at least recognized the scene from your Sergeant Rock comic books.   Harrumph!!
I saw this and had to drop this link...
We may grow old but we never have to grow up!

Navig8r, how many of the commentariat here even remember Sgt. Rock?
 I remember SGT Rock, The Rat Patrol, The Haunted Tank....
 Navig8r,   Old Lady Insanity said the same thing you did.     I, personally, subscribe to the bayonet theory.   Since she brings me my coffee and cooks breakfast, I have decided to agree with her.
Hey, I had some SGT ROCK books, and I read "Haunted Tank" every now and then.