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Another Auld Soldier checks in to the Old Soldier's Home that is Castle Argghhh!

A grizzled old veteran of the wars of the late 19th century...  he had relatives over here, like many Euros did.


OK, so Google said that it was a M67 90mm recoiless rifle.  I thought that this might be incorrect, so I modified my Google search and googled Wanzl.  Turns out that it's an Austrian Wanzl breech loading rifle. I think that Google works much better when you search on the name of the .jpg file.
 Onward the Hussars!
Nope. Doesn't look like recoiless rifle to me either. And we didn't even have those things in the Navy.

The era of early breechloaders is a fascinating topic.  There was tremendous innovation, along with some reluctance or opposition, as well as the usual bureaucratic and political objections to the cost of rearming armies.

Just the narrow niche of military muzzle loading rifles (or rifle muskets) converted to metallic cartridge breechloaders is a nicely defined collecting specialty.  Most of the examples are priced relatively modestly comparted to their older or newer cousins, so this is a more affordable niche than many other areas which have reached silly levels.

I have only seen a handful of Wanzls in all my years.  Nice find.