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An 8mm kind of day... a break from proposal writing.

Just fired the Gew 41(W), Gew43, and Polish Wz29, using Yugo milsurp 8mm Mauser. Need to check the firing pin and spring on the Pole, as it dented primers (and they may be hard primers) but dd not reliably fire. It was the most accurate, however, when it *did* fire.  The bolt could just be in need of a good internal cleaning, if it's fouled with old cosmoline.

Both the semis were okay with firing, but the Gew(41) has some feed issues, probably relating to the magazine spring being too stout (it's a replacement, not an original). That needs some tweaking.

And spring kits for both rifles are in order. Also not unusual for these rifles. But the first time I've fired either variety. I'll have to sit down one day and put 100 rounds through the Gew 43 and one of the M1s, and see, on balance, which one I like better. I'm pretty sure the M1 will win because of the sights, but the removeable 10 round magazine on the Walther is a plus.

Of course, to really test 'em, I should take 200 rounds, strap it on, and then hump each rifle around the fencelines...


Of course, to really test 'em, I should take 200 rounds, strap it on, and then hump each rifle around the fencelines...
In case of untoward coronary events, I dibs the Gew43....

Ever the practical jackal... 
Aye, well- the practical jackal gets the juicy bits 8^)
No, no, you need to drag them through several hundred yards of icy mud, at a low crawl,  and maybe buttstroke some hard--headed enemies really hard, and then see how they shoot.
P.s. Oh, if you can find any saxophonists, I believe all of Those People could use a good vertical buttstroke to the face. Even if you knock out their front teeth, it won't hurt their embouchures, because they never had those to start with. A saxophone is a waste of good cartridge brass, and a saxophonist is a waste of food. Yes, I know people make homo jokes about clarinetists, but I'd rather be thought a homo than a saxophonist.
Sorry about that, Chief. The saxophone hate just bubbled up from the lower swamps of my mind.
Is that a magazine dangling from that GeW 43? I thought that the Castle was zero balance.
Things change. I know people. And they read the blog. That said, the Gew 43 has always had a magazine (in fact, three) and it is the Gew 41(W) that needed help.
Wearing threadbare jackboots and having russians chasing you, and shooting mosin nagant's at you,when carrying the Gewar Brothers.
I think the M1 will come out on top for reloading speed also.  I find the en bloc clips faster than the 1st generation magazine fed rifles.  The 1st generation detachable rifle magazines were not really built for speed according to my stubby fingers. 
I have been amazed by the amount of "gook", comoline and dried out lube and grease, within the Mauser bolt bodies of all the Yugo's and several Vz's I have helped clean out. It's well worth the effort to disassemble the bolt on any Mauser to make sure the firing pin is not effected by all the leftovers of 70+ years of service. I do enjoy seeing and reading about the goodies from you toy box !
And, he does have soem kinda toy box. Everthang from the Pilius to the modern.