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Above the Union vanguard was proudly dancing seen...

...beside the starry banner, old Erin's flag of green!

'...beside the starry banner, Erin's flag of green!'

 On the 21st of July beneath a burning sun,
McDowell met the Southern troops in battle at Bull Run.
Above the Union vanguard was proudly dancing seen,
Beside the starry banner, old Erin's flag of green!

Colonel Corcoran led the 69th on that eventful day.
I wish the Prince of Wales were there to see him in the fray!
His charge upon the batteries was a most glorious scene.
With gallant New York firemen and the boys that wear the green

In the hottest of the fire there rode along the line,
A captain of the Zouave band, crying "Now, boys, is your time!"
Ah, who is he so proudly rides with bold and dauntless mien?
'Tis Thomas Francis Meagher of Erin's isle of green.

The colors of the 69th, I say it without shame,
Were taken in the struggle to swell the victor's fame!
But Farnham's dashing Zouaves, that run with the machine
Retook them in a moment with the boys that wore the green.

Being overpowered by numbers our troops were forced to flee,
The Southern Black Horse Cavalry on them charged furiously!
But in that hour of peril the flying mass to screen,
Stood the gallant New York firemen with the boys that wore the green!

Oh, the boys of the 69th, they are a gallant band.
Bolder never drew a sword for their adopted land!
Amongst the fallen heroes a braver had not been
Than you, lamented Haggerty of Erin's isle of green!

Farewell, my gallant countrymen who fell that fatal day.
Farewell, ye noble firemen, now mould'ring in the clay.
While blooms the leafy shamrock, whilst runs the old machine
Your deeds will live bold Red Shirts and boys that wore the green!


There being a problem with Sean's pic, I loaded it up on the blog-servers and you can see it by clicking the bold text in the quote from Sean.

Among other things - I don't allow hotlinking pics in comments because the pr0n spammers and trolls love to post stuff that does not please me...

Sean said: "Carried a copy of the Irish Brigade flag to Baghdad with 1/69INF"
 and a lovely flag she is!

Dammit, Major, there were plenty of Sons of Erin on our side of the War, too!  Maybe not as many, but they made up for that with their moral convicticon that they were in the right. I do believe that the Irish who fought for the South had been here long enough to have followed the political discussion, and made up their minds with reason, as to which side they would support and fight for.

I remind you of the New York (Irish) Draft Riot, which happened 150 years ago last week. Those Irishmen mostly seemed interested in killing Negroes. -Jtg, 100% Sassenach.
Oh, Sean? When U.S Marines captured Shuri Castle in Okinawa, the flag they raised was the Confederate Battle Flag.  I won't be reconstructed.