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1st Step, Done - 2nd Step Check

First Step: Register all Firearms
Second Step: Confiscate Eeeeviel Bang Sticks

Once the local Sheriff knows where all legal guns are kept, then it's just so easy to round them all up. Behold Cook County Illinois' Gun Confiscation Action Plan:  Article HERE.



 I initally wandered over here to see if your (John) birhtdate was listed in the about section.  Ended up reading this post, and linked article.  There are no words at my command, which I could use to describe my feelings about the FOID least none which could be properly used in mixed company.  To say I hate it with a passion, is putting it lightly at best. 

And now the Sherriff of <s>Nottingham</s>...err Crooks County (I am letting that one stand, cause it's the truth.  Grew up in that county so there is some history there.) is going to use his data base to "releive" those the state deems as being unfit to excersise their 2nd amendment right?  I am only shocked that this hasn't been happening much sooner.

Someday, folks outside the Chicagoland area (And Springfield/Peoria/ and Rockford metro areas as well) will take a hint from what is going on in Colorado, and at least attempt to seceed from the state, becoming thier own entity. 

In order to secede, an election must be held and the democrats in Chicago area will not allow the breakup of the state due to a majority of state funds going to the Chicago area. Any breakup would stop the cash flow from the rest of the state to that area. Five or six counties up there pretty much rule all of the state. A Chicago area pol years ago got up in the state capitol and threatened to pull Chicago out and make its own state. He shut up really fast when the downstate pols started cheering and seconded his idea of Chicago becoming its own state. No Chicago pol has ever repeated that threat since. Downstate would love to get rid of the Chicago leeches.
Remember this when anyone demands you suport "common sense" reforms like "universal background checks." 

The prerequisite for gun confiscation is to know who has them and where they are.  Any claims that background check data "will never be kept" in any sort of database are either delusional fantasies, or outright lies.  In one very plausible scenario is that the data will be swept up by the massive government databases anyway, regardless of promises to the contrary. 

Bottom line is to fight any sort of scheme that creates gun ownership lists of any sort.  Ever.

Better yet, is to legally purchase guns from private individuals, if this is allowed in your state, and avoid the whole background check process entirely.  Remember, the bad guys just steal their guns, get them from crooked cops, or from illegal sources and will never mess with background checks.

Chicago is NOT the first to use registration data for later confiscation.  New York City did it a few decades ago with semi-auto rifles, and California did it with many types of so-called "assault weapons" they had previously allowed if registered but later decided to ban.

The highest urgency is to be engaged in the political process to elect pro-rights candidates, and defeat the anti-gun politicians.

Ah, yes, Jnta, I just fondled, and even kissed, my "cordless drill", which is of course paperless, and that's perfectly legal where I live.