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19-Year Olds



Haha, love it! Check out the military tribute video that I made. Never forget the ones who died for our freedom!
 That's SO, like, judgmental.  Besides, like, they both have camouflage trousers on, so they're, like, almost the same!
And one of them is carrying a black assault gun with a high-capacity magazine. Is that legal?
With all respect to our canoe friends to the north, would you please take your trash out of my front yard
I love this.
He's now in Los Angeles, where he fits in.


let's be honest, Joe looks like that when he goes on leave...



Biue cammy is just silly, and I speak as an Air Force enthusiast.  Well, we have a choice here. We can embrace the silliness, or we can Drink Moar. Y'all know me, and which side of that question I'll come down upon.
P.s. People wearing baseball caps who are not playing  baseball, let alone those who wear the caps  backwards, tend to make steam come out of my ears, so to speak. What would be really horrifying would be to find out that teh wimminz are preferentially attracted to the guys who wear their caps backwards. Horsewhips for teh wimmins who think that way, if that eventuates, and death by impalement for menzes  who wear their caps backwards.

No mercy .  No quarter.

Just musing here, no malice intended against anybody. As somebody who dresses like a slob in public, I do believe that people dressing like slobs in public is bad for keeping up civil society.

I will say this: I have mosstly never worn a  billed cap, either forwards or backwards.  (They made me do it when I was a Boy Scout)  When I wear a hat, it is a real, round hat, which protects both my forehead and the back of my neck from those actinic rays emitted  by that naturally-occurring hydrogen bomb.
JTG, that is not necessarily a baseball cap. There are all sorts of visored caps available. I wear a cap at work, and not-infrequently after. I hope you won't try to horsewhip me if we ever meet. :)

P.S. Daniel Radcliffe one thought Bieber was a girl. Heh.

 JTG, when I was at Rucker in '76, we wore ball caps. I hated the thing as it felt like it was going to fall down my face as it was bill heavy.
One of the Herreshoffs said that all traditional sailors' hats had no, or a very small brim in front, as one was always having to look up and observe the sails. Even USN officers' caps had very small visors until 1930 or so. The baseball cap was invented to shield the eyes while trying to catch a baseball. Mitscher started the fad for it in the USN.

It makes sense to reverse it on a bicycle, as that protects the neck from the Sun and keeps it from blowing off.  Just turn it around after dismounting, mmmkay? If you don't you look really stupid.

I miss my shakos. Now, those are practical hats! You can keep grocery list, wallet, small weapon etc in there if you have to ford a stream, say. Besides, they out--silly a backwards baseball cap any day. Chip on shoulder ain't nuthin' to shako on head. Why, I betcha you could have a fight, or at least an "interesting discussion", in half the bars in the world just by walking in wearing one.
P.s. On small visors: The FIO has a Greek fisherman's cap. It's black, with small visor. Makes him look quite Kewl&Manly; just the opposite of a backwards ball cap, which just makes one look low-class and stupid.

It's really amazing the effect a man's headgear can have on how he is perceived socially. For a long time the US Army avoided using the more efficient German pattern of helmet because of not wanting to look like Nazis. Hell, When David Niven went back into the British Army, he had to wear silly uniform and silly hat for a while. One of his officer drinking buddies (wearing cool and spiffy uniform himself) told him one night, "You look such a c*%t in those trews and that silly little bellhop's hat!"
I would like to consult with Qm here, on the cool and manly way to wear  the USN enlisted round white hat, versus the stupid and dorky way to wear it.

I had one of those when I was a little kid learning to sail.  If you turn the brim down, it keeps the sun out of yer eyes and off the back of yer neck. If you turn the front part down, and the back part up, it looks quite rakish.

On looking at old photos on the USN History site, I see that about 100 years ago, or a little before, all enlisted sailors turned the brims down on their round white hats, at least if no civilians were looking.