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You know you always wondered.... all those acronyms come about, right?

So, we're having a discussion in the office about air defense systems.

We have a term for a complex air defense systems that interlink all the bit and pieces - IADS. Integrated Air Defense System. But what about those systems under local control?

We figured it out.

Geographically Oriented National Air Defense System.

You're welcome.


... which is based on a Staffed Combat Requirement for an Operating Tactical Unit, Mechanised.

Excellent. That covers it neatly. 
You guys certainly have Centrally Activated Joint Operating National Emergency Systems, posting this rubbish...
And you join us... 
 And teh audience said,

 Which means... I win!  Yaaay!
C'mon QM- you can do it...!
What I wanna know is why the Swiss have FLAB instead of FLAK.

Oh, way back when, AFROTC had something called a Financial Assistance Grant. After a while it dawned on them why everyone was snickering, so they changed it to Financial Assitance Plan.  The language having shifted on them again, They may have had to change the name again.  Imagine convo among freshmen:

Q. What do you do for money?

Querulous Minion ...

 Indeed.  Excellent description.
 The Swiss used FLAB (FLugzeug ABwehr) and then added the Kanone as a part of the nomenclature, hence, Flab.kan.38, whereas the Germans would just go FLAK 38.

I suppose that would allow the Swiss to use FLAB Rakete Nike-Hercules and not have to get all twitchy about acronyms...
We've a piece of nifty home grown software at work that we call FishSlap.  The name came from one of the two folks developing it who suddenly jumped up and announced that "This feels just like getting fishslapped!".  The name stuck and after a few years we decided we had to come up with what it means.  We came up with "Flight Information, SHaring Services, Logistics, And Planning".  This actually descripts how it's used pretty well also.
I have a question. Are "Geographically Oriented National Air Defense System's"  usually attached to bigger or smaller "units"?
I remember when a staff member's retirement was delayed until he finished the system he had been working on.  On his last day in the office he had delivered from the printer 200,000 manuals, with the anacronym boldly printed on the spine for the Forced Air Recovey Technical System.
GIVE A SHIT: Ground Interrogitive Vehicular Equipment Analog Systems Holo-istic Technology
Ships’ Heuristic Information Transmission By Integrated Radio Device
Back in the late 1970's, the Air Force changed the training for Undergraduate Navigator Training, (called UNT).  When they realized what Consolidated Undergraduated Navigator Training came out as, they quickly changed the name to Revised Undergraduate Navigator Training.  I was in the last class of old navigator training (Class 79-13).  The very next class was the first of the new style.