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Ya never know who is reading the blog...

...until you get a targeted sales email based on a post - in this case, the discussion yesterday about the 75mm Pack Howitzer.  I've reproduced the text below, along with one of the pictures.

After marveling at the marketing, I sent this response:
So, you guys apparently read the blog...

If I had $20K to spare, we'd have a deal. But right now, the wife gets her room addition to the Castle.


John of Argghhh!

And got this reply:
The Cannon SuperStore
Hi John,

Sure we read your great blog and view all the super photos!

I like this one so much I want to keep it too.

Take care,

Here's the text.  If you want to see all the pictures (and place your order) - click here. There are more pictures, but you'll need to scroll down a bit.  The repro blank-firing gun is almost in budget!  But SWWBO gets her room addition....

I admit I've spent minor amounts of money with them, and their website is a guilty pleasure.

Here's what was in the note:
The Cannon SuperStore

A United States WW II 75 mm M1A Pack Howitzer Available now!

These 75 mm Pack Howitzers are absolutely impossible to find for sale anymore. They are the most sought after collectable cannon from World War II by far!

This is the first one we have seen for sale anywhere in the world in over four years.
It is in very good condition with new tires and a good ring and there is no significant rust.

It is a M1A made by Hannifin Mfg. Co in 1943.

New current photos - just taken 5/11/2013.

Brand new non-directional military tires!

Excellent condition and ready for display!
Price Reduced $5,000 US$ on 6/2/2013.
Price $19,950 US$ + shipping.
We will deliver this gun anywhere in the lower USA for $750 US$.
We can arrange to demilitarized it for you, it is complete - but is missing the breech block.
Subject to prior sale!



That would look really good beside Heimdall.
She's purddy!
she's purddy!
It's hardly complete if it is missing the breech block.  It just doesn't look right almost like a bolt action rifle without the bolt.
 Now that'll be an interesting addition.
Missing not just the breech block, but the whole breech assembly (sometimes called a breech ring) which is like the receiver of a firearm that the barrel is attached to and the bolt fits into. 

But, that is the reason they can sell it with no hassles.  At least a torched or demil breech would make it visually complete.

Sorry, I can live without this one.  But, it still is pretty neat!

I like the creative marketing.  And the fact that Ed reads the blog.
The Weapon carrier and 75mm, could be re-packaged as a economical alternative to the 81mm for our reserve artillery units. With the proper Power point the senior management should not notice, it’s not like they study military history anyways