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What are you looking at?



Alternatively, this is a one way street in a country with steering wheels on the right.  In which case, the dog was nothing unusual and the photographer was looking at the obvious.
How did Jennifer Lopez get in the picture?
 I didn't know you were an ORSA, Centurion.

 In this "Politically Correct World" that we live in, how does one honestly answer that question? The question appears to be "Loaded". Yep, right, watching the dog drive the car? As some point, we need to learn how to respect a beautiful woman without sexually assaulting her. The woman needs to learn to accept the respect without feeling sexually or in any way assaulted. The ladies on this blog have had a good spirit and went along and even had some fun with us. I do not want to scare them but thank them and allowing all of us to grow up.

 It is a left-hand drive vehicle.  And, as we all pretty much knew, it was photoshopped.

Since the Centurion wants to get all scientific on us, we'll just spoil the whole thing.

Here is the original pic.

All hail her hinyess, Gluteous Maximus!
...And here I thought her name was Incontinentia Buttocks...
 Not only is the dog driving a car, he is holding down a job, driving it as a taxi! Good Dog!