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The choice of gun is ironic, though...



Kurt Vonnegut started out as a redleg. I think he trained on either an 8" gun or 240mm howitzer or vice versa, anyway the biggest mobile piece in the Army.  He said they had to transport the thing in pieces, then assemble it, hell, they practically had to _invent_ it.  Later, they decided they had too many artillerymen and had used up too many infantrymen, so Kurt had to play Infantry and get captured.  Made a lot of money from that.  He said he was the only guy who really benefitted from the Dresden raid, as that book sold very well.
The bombing of Dresden benefited the Russians and the Germans.  The Russians wanted Dresden bombed to cripple the transportation system as they attacked into Eastern Germany. The political uproar following the raids resulted in the Strategic Bombing Committee deciding that there were no viable strategic targets remaining in Germany and the Strategic Bombing Offensive was brought to a close.  Many thousands of Germans survived the war thanks to that decision.
I am beminded of a movie the Former Intelligence Officer housemate showed me, about Jews in Dresden and The Raid. One scene has a Lancaster pilot asking the navigator for a course and then saying, "Never mind, I can see it from here." It was already burning right well. 

After the ball was over, one of the characters was walking around looking at all the damage and dead people, and noticed an apartment building with its front wall blown off, but otherwise undamaged. Up on the second floor, we could see a German woman wielding a broom and sweeping the debris out through the missing front wall. FIO and I looked at each other and said the same thing at the same time, "Germans!" He lived over there for a while, on the economy, in the Berlin Brigade. Germans take housekeeping very seriously. The best way to get in trouble with your neighbors in an apartment building in Germany is to slack off on your share of the housekeeping.
P.s. I would probably get brought up on charges if I tried to live in a communal environment in Germany.  My housekeeping is on the low and nasty end of "Autistic Bachelor."  Thank God for Grover the Gecko. He eats some of the roaches.

Speak of the Devil! Grover just came out from behind the bookcase and is stalking a roach as I type! Let's see how he does.  One minute later:  He has turned down the small roaches available and gone back behind the bookcase to wait for more worthwhile prey.
JTG--I reccommend pulling Grover out and calling in an Arclight; i.e., bug bomb the place. Use enough, but not too many because the stuff is explosive in very high concentration (like 5 times more than the directions tell you to use). It works.
The fact that Grover found the little roach not worth his effort is a warning sign...
Irony? Only a redleg (or an old school surface warfare type) would say that's not a big gun.
That's the cancelled-in-infancy NLOS-C, part of the non-lamented Future Combat System.  I.e., a system that never did, nor ever will, fire a round in anger.
Oh, and then there's the fact that 155mm guns are "Medium Howitzers" not heavys...

Sometimes, perspective is everything. I seem to remember calling in the evening's DTs (Determined Targets) as being one of the more interesting parts of my day.