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Taps the lectern with that director's thingy...



The name of the guy who used to write the end column for Outdoor Life esapes me, but the burglar alarm in his hunting cabin was the sound of a pump shotgun being cocked.
 I miss my Fabarm SDASS pump. Matt black with 20 inch barrel and full length mag, but able to be fitted with chokes.  So smooth that you could rack it by bumping it against your leg.  An unfortunate casualty of the Aussie gun buy back.  Now I have to shoot you with a double, meaning the first shot counts rather than being Fiocchi anti-crime rubber buckshot.  And there is no warning sound with a hammerless double.
 Would that be Pat McManus, QM?
 Well, any fool who would break into an occupied hunting cabin needs to join the sweepings from the gene pool anyway, IMNSHO.
One heck of a "directors thingy you have  in that photograph.
 I think you're right Scott. It's been too long since I read his column. The one I'm thinking of was published back in the 80s ISTR.
Major, are you talking about that Milius guy when you write "director"?
 Going by the stock and front sight, I believe that is a Norino 870clone. Decent gun