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Shiner in 3,2,1...



It won't be *that* bad.  That's an airgun.
 Yeah, a spring action airgun.  Still enough to give one a black eye.
Does she have her finger indexed behind the trigger?
I don't really think she's shooting it, I think she's just using the scope.
Well, that's still stupid. She has the eye relief all wrong, like too close. Mayhap that works for her, she having an eyeglass prescription with 2-digit numbers in it.
Here - hold my beer and watch this.
No, really, Nevada;  I no longer own my rifle, but still have the scope which came with it. It is impossible, or at least very difficult, to use that scope as a general-purpose telescope, due to the eye-relief issue. If I hold the thing far enough away from my eyeball to get a good focus, it wiggles too much for me to see anything.  Maybe I should cobble up a faux gunstock and mount the scope on it, so that it will hold the eyepiece at the proper distance from my eyeball.
Oh, now I begin to understand the wisdom of the Armorer's decision, when he was a battery commander, to have his men qualify with their personal weapons. I mean, I think we have some Infantry infiltrators sneaking in here, who must be dealt with summarily, but more with mercy than malice, because they know not what they do.
Oh, no, no, no. None of us ebil eenfantree types in skull defilade around here, nosiree! Puts me in mind of the trip flare wired to the morning gun breech block. Always willing to 'illuminate' the junior branch...

(aaaand, the fur begins flying, 3, 2, 1...)
 The biggest Infantry "infiltrator" is LvnCenturion. The Armorer even has Brekkies with him now and agin. So, at least one Blue Leg is welcome here, and quite openly.