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Rivrdog asked...

 Rivrdog receives.

And, another.


Looks like great fun.  I wonder if some of the WW1 75mm/3 inch shrapnel shells might be pressed into service to feed this beast?  Fill with concrete, and turn the exterior to ensure concentricity and max diameter are okay.   They are a bit easier to find that "shooter" 3"/75mm projectiles.

I am a bit leary of home brew reloading for artillery myself, but love to watach...from a safe distance.
There is a guy who shows up at Knob Creek every year with a French 75.  He has to reload the cases, and only shoots solid shot. Nobody can afford the tax for actual dangerous HE or shrapnel shells, even if you could find any, short of plowing them up in France.  Now that could be fun, shooting a hundred-year-old shell you found in the ground...
 ...and very appreciative I am, too.

The only thing that could have made your instructional experience more completewould have been to run out the seven mules and load 'er up!