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Keepin' it old school

 And continuing the theme from yesterday.


  Take a Baretta, and M1911 to the beach.....Bury them in the sand for a week. Dig them up and see how much work needed to make them operated. 1911 most likely two bangs on the knee, slide back and "boom!" Baretta, not so much. Zippo vs Lamborghini 
 Wasn't one of the reasons we went to the Beretta, other than being hoodwinked by NATO, was because ol' slabsides was supposedly too big to fit in the hands of smaller (read: female) service members?  Behold the M9.  Much wider grip, less reliability, less stopping power.  

At least the USMC is making amends.
My wife says the Beretta is more comfortable and easier for her to hold than a 1911.  Go figure.  I wouldn't turn down either platform.  Shot placement,shot placement, shot placement.

Oh...and appropriate hollow point loads.
Going to a fight, I'd grab the pimp gun over the anti-Christ that replaced it.
The pimp-gun is that Marine's 3 war Remington-Rand-in-Drag I mentioned yesterday.  An earlier version of the Warrior Princess?

Except this one didn't have any choice in the matter.  He's still a decent shooter.  Of course, I suspect Beck is still a decent shooter, too!
Ammo box for three rounds, 81mm mortar. Don't have the proper nomenclature available; but should serve for HE, WP, Illum or Training Practice.
Nice try Dennis.  But wrong.  Ammo box for AT mines.

Not that I was ever much of a pistolero, but back in the last century, I had a sweetheart who wanted me to accompany her on her vacation to La Familia's ranchero down Mexico way.  In making her case, she offered up a bunch of analog photographs of the area's flora and fauna. The last photo in the group was a somewhat older indoor one of her tio y su esposa. Adorned in their Mexicana finery, I couldn't help but notice tio's sombrero grande and the Colt 45 stuck in his belt. For several moments, I kind of vacillated between this could be interesting and nobody lives forever. In the end, "Via con dios." won the day.

In actuality, it was the vacation of a lifetime. Tio was much surprise that a Bronx boy could ride a horse and shoot a pistol with either hand though not simultaneously. I still like to think of it as my own week-long tortilla western.

As to the Colt 45, I'm still pretty well endowed in the meathook department, so its grip has never been very comfortable for me. And the USMC going with an 8-shooter when most of the world's bad guys seem to be in the teens, doesn't impress me much logic wise. If there's one thing worse than being in a pistol fight, it's running out of bullets in a pistol fight. So, my recommendation would be two versions one for the girly-handed and one for the full-growed.

 I'd rather have eight rounds knock down eight guys than have fifteen rounds knock down six guys.
Um, still wrong, Dennis. 
 Ok.  Camp Humphries, Korea.  1989.  229th Signal Company.  Company commander, West Point grad, Ranger tab.  Couldn't hit the side of a barn with a .45 if he stood dead center inside the damn thing.  Handed the pistol off to the armorer, a 5ft 2inch badass Alabama redneck girl, daughter of a SGM.  He said private, there's something wrong with this weapon.  She cleared the range and shot 2 magazines in a 3 inch group at 25 meters.  Handed the pistol back and said it aint the weapon, Sir.  

I'm with 11B40 on this, I just can't get myself all lathered up about military pistols.  If you need one for the performance of your duty, almost anyone will do. As a rifle company commander in combat, my analysis always concluded that a rifle was better, and all that other stuff that you had to carry was more useful than a pistol.  My .45 always stayed in the rear. When you get into a gun fight, you want a real gun.

That said, I've never understood how the Beretta beat out the Sig Sauer. When I put my own money on the table for a pistol, it was for the Sig, not the Beretta.
When I was in Gunners Mate "A" school ('60), an instructor who was on the Navy Pistol Team worked with a group of us and had us all qualified as Expert with the 1911 in two weeks. We had all sizes and shapes of hands and forearm strength, so I've never bought the "too big for my hands" excuse. If you're willing to learn how to hold it properly, learn to put that front sight down first, and practice a bit, you can put eight 45 cal rounds in an astonishingly small group.
Yup, miss just ONE post in the last many years and egg magically appears on my face. On the other hand, I've always been told to work at what I'm really good at, so I'm right in the groove...

On the subject of .45s; a significant number of girly girls like the piece. I haven't seen my Commander since I 'temporarily' loaned it to my older daughter when she became a reserve police officer. She also inherited her mom's Government model. The younger daughter prefers a Beretta PX4 but has no problem with my new Commander.
"...but has no problem with my new Commander."

Methinks you didn't try too hard to recover the original...

And you got your very own post today, Dennis, so no whinage.