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Great Googly Moogly, Batman - they walk, they talk...

Just, erm. She certainly makes her point by demonstration. Heh.

This parodies itself, while making a point that you can't fix stupid, but, hey, ignorance is treatable.

What’s got me jittery this morning is the 9mm Glock that’s holstered on my hip. Me, lead gun policy protester at the 2010 Starbuck’s shareholder meeting. Me, a board member of the Brady Campaign. Me, the author of a book about the impact of gun violence, Beyond the Bullet.

Yes, I bought a handgun and will carry it everywhere I go over the next 30 days. I have four rules: Carry it with me at all times, follow the laws of my state, only do what is minimally required for permits, licensing, purchasing and carrying, and finally be prepared to use it for protecting myself at home or in public.

I would say in not seeking training (as in, before you walked out the store in simple basics like, how you drop the magazine) she's actually already failed to "do what is minimally required." Of course, she would argue that since it isn't *legally* required, she shouldn't do it. Which shows how thoroughly she's bought into the ideal that "someone in authority" should tell you how to do everything.

Vice you put on your big girl pants and be an adult.

You can read the rest of Heidi's screed by clicking this link: "My Month With A Gun.


The author is a career anti-gun activist, living in Vancouver, WA (across the river from Portland, OR), on the board of several anti-gun groups.

Her intent is clearly to depict every gun owner and potential CWP holder as a dumber than dirt, knuckle dragging misfit, able to get a gun a permit with the greatest of ease and thus threaten society at will.  Thus, the need to adopt her view of "common sense restrictions," ignoring the fact that the criminals and nut cases do not obey any laws.

There is ingorance and there is willful ignorance, and there is subborn stupidity, but also cunning evil.

I do not perceive her, carrying her gun, as a threat to my life or liberty, but I fear the effects of her pen which may be seduce the "low information voter" base and help her destroy our rights and ability to defend ourselves.

She is clearly the antithesis of the Washington Times' Emily Miller who did a superb series about what it took to get a gun in the nation's [MURDER] capital.    That great story is here   And, that was also mentioned here at the Sastle when it first appeared.  Read the whole series and the question "How the hell is this NOT an infringement?" will certainly be a recurring theme.
 My first thought was that she never learned how to be an adult. I cannot imagine an adult not getting enough training to use a dangerous tool properly.
She is doing for guns what Supersize Me did for McDonalds.
From Vancouver, eh?  She'd best be careful about how she carries that weapon.  The Vancouver-Portland area have significant gang activity, and while the level of violence is nowhere near that of Chicago, local law enforcement on both sides of the Columbia River do not have much of a sense of humor. 

And she'd best be careful when she heads off to Portland......Oregon is a "shall issue" state, but they do not recognize any other state permits, and I see no mention of her applying for an Oregon CCW permit.  Possible for a Washington resident, but not easy either.  Multnomah County is not a big fan of the Second Amendment; there's a reason why Portland is known as "Little Beirut".
Shoot, I don't carry, for several reasons.  1. I can't afford the permit. 2. I really don't have a concealable piece.  3. I would feel irresponsible about carrying  if I could not afford to exercise at least twice a week, in a realistic manner, to the tune of say, 100 rounds per session or so. That ammo stuff is  _expensive_ these days.  Oh, and 4., I would have to drink less. heh.

My piece is really just a bedside gun, and you betcha I can do point shooting at somebody six feet away who's just busted in through the bedroom window at 0300, as unlikely as that is. Hey, I keep a fire extinguisher, too!
JeffS: Multnomah County isn't a huge 2A fan, but these days the County Sheriff will even sign off on a Class 3 transfer, with a form letter saying he thinks they're Icky but is signing anyway.

I wouldn't expect a problem with a Clark County resident who had a WA CCW getting a permit even from Multnomah County.

And of course, there's no legal requirement to go to Multnomah - she could apply in Columbia County, where the Sheriff is much more 2A-friendly.
True, Sigivald, the Sheriffs in Oregon tend to be 2A friendly, especially the further away from Portland that you get.  Took me maybe an hour all told for my application, including time in the offfice of the Umatilla County Sheriff, but not including drive time. 

But it still takes 6 weeks or so to get the appication through the state police, not very different than through Washington State.  Until that special card arrives in the mail, you can't carry concealed (legally) in Oregon, and I didn't see where Heidi has even considered the possibility that she might cross into Oregon over the next month.    If she's thinking that waving a Washington license around, that would be an interesting write up.
Kansas, which is pretty friendly on the issue, still takes 45 days or so to process that apps.  Because they only have three people handling the volume.

Weee !!!  Mommy, Daddy, everybody, look at me.

As my father was wont to say when one of my associates ventured beyond his pale, "Next time you see your parents, tell them i said they still have some work to do."
Well, it seems to me that the consensus of the commenters here, is that carrying a deadly weapon is Serious Business, as they say on the internet,  and that this woman is not entirely serious. Or maybe serious, but in a bad way.
Ooh, I wish Rivrdog would show up and give us his opinion on this!  He lives around there, and actually wore a badge for a living around there. Besides, he owns a deuce-and-a-half truck, and if you need to move, and know sombody who owns one of those...
I posted a link to Cornered Cat and advised that she goes there and learn some tips. Never know maybe CC can open her eyes just a wee bit.
I'm not familiar with the individual in question, but I was guessing she was from WA based on her description of the CPL process.  (WA's process is one of the least intrusive of any state that bothers to require a permit.  Fingerprints, clean background check, pay the fee, wait.  And if you're east of the mountains, that wait can be as little as 24 hours.  A guy in my unit got his from the Yakima County Sheriff over two consecutive lunch times whilst TDY at YTC.)

And did anyone else notice that she left out the NICS background check that had to have occurred when she bought the pistol?  Last I lived there, a WA CPL didn't substitute for a NICS check, although it did waive the 7 day waiting period for a pistol purchase.

And I'll agree with JTA that she's not acting like a responsible adult.  Who buys a potentially dangerous tool without knowing even the basics of how it works, or even bothering to read the manual?  (Apparently she found a huge toolbag of an FFL, too, who, seeing she was obviously clueless, didn't bother to show her the basics.  Or she declined to ask for help, so she could be more helpless later to make a better story.)  But I know I wouldn't walk into a Stihl store and walk out with an 18" chainsaw without learning how to work it safely.

Lastly, her holster selection is terrible.  Even if WA allows open carry with no permit.  If she had a good retention holster, she wouldn't worry about the kids in Starbucks grabbing it.
 Can't wait for..
"Week 3... while fiddilin around with my gun, I accidentally shot my neighbor through the apartment wall. It's obviously the gun's fault for going off and only proves my theory that they should all be banned".
Vox Day has also mentioned this on his blog, and quoted more from the article. I left a comment on his blog, and also at Ms. We shall see if the latter gets out of moderation. Never fear, being a boy-type person I was reasonable and polite when commenting at. Ms.
 I called her silly in her comments area. The commetariat over there isn't very thoughtful either, but I would expect that over there. We'd cut her to pieces over here. I was nice on her porch, however.

Hard to believe, I'm sure, but the way it was.
Several of my comments didn't make it through moderation.  And some are still stuck on hold.
It's well known that in the USA everyone has the power to be a complete idiot, and I've rarely seen it better demonstrated.

Meanwhile, Emily's book is done, and if you don't know --  Emily Gets Her Gun -- which I assume is the topic of the book. (Still needs editing, ... so it will be months.)
This woman's argument is self defeating.

Her biggest fear is that a moron with no experience or training with a firearm would be in a roomful of children with a gun.  Nothing. Happened. 
 Apparently she thinks we mouth-breathing, knuckle-dragging trogs will clean our loaded weapons (that we don't know how to load in the first place) at McDonalds...
"Her biggest fear is that a moron with no experience or training with a firearm would be in a roomful of children with a gun. Nothing. Happened".


Don't tell her. More people will see her peacefully carrying her gun and end up supporting more carry than will read her posts.

For her next trick Heidi will go to a bar and get plastered on Jagermeister before driving home in rus hour traffic, just to prove booze is dangerous..
I sure would like to see her operate a chain saw with no training or sensibilities. Or radial saw...or car...or hot air balloon...or...or...awh...look who I'm talking to.
Apparently my link to Cornerd Cat was to much for her and they didn't post my very polite comment, cowards.

She thinks that an untrained gun owner carrying a gun in a crowded public place is a deadly hazard to the public.  So:

She, an untrained person, buys a gun and carries it into a crowded public place, thus:

Creating a deadly hazard to those people.

I left a post yesterday noting that she was by her lights attempting to make a point about gun ownership by deliberately and knowingly posing a deadly hazard to a group of people in public, and asked her if she thought that her point justified doing so.  I also asked if, in mishandling her gun and accidentally killing someone, she would still think her actions were justified.

My comments are still in moderation ....

 I don't think that MS Mag is interested in anything other than supportive commentary.

This isn't journalism, it's advocacy.

She was at least up front about that.


My comments are still hung up in moderation. 


I can't wait for the 2nd installment.  Did she give in to the voices  and start shooting randomly?  Did she gun down the guy who cut her off, or took her parking space?  Stay tuned, I guess.

That woman, just by existing and writing what she wrote, is a walking, talking argument against the Nineteenth  Amendment. She is not even fit to clean the shoes of Sarah Hoyt, or Sergeant Mom, or Bad Cat Robot (all of whom  would get at least three votes each in _MY_ Republic.
Sorry, ).  (forgot to close parenthesis)