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I believe...

That I have found my new bar.  Details here.


I'm wondering who did this.  The before picture is of an Israeli M113, but the during and after pictures seem to be a different vehicle and different nationality.  This looks like Brit handiwork to me, but the number plate on the rear fender end of the bar is a puzzle.

We need this in our office, but not sure that the floor joists will take the weight.


I believe the "Before" pic is what the journalists call a "file photo" for reference only, not the actual unit. The colors in the camo seem Brit, but the color of the bracket on the rear reminds me of Bundeswehr gear.
 Of course you would need to start with an M577... Probably be able to store lots of beverages.
Build that and the next thing you know that it will be on "Combat Reform" and Sparky will be trying to "friend you" on Facebook.

Your link doesn't work right (for me, at least).  I think this one will:

But where would you put the kegerator then?

Sparky, there's a blast from the past. I thought that he would be in some padded room these days. I guess that this would be the Gavin Bar in his book.
I believe that's the remnants of a Lynx (M113+1/2)recce vehichle. we had a few hundred in Canada, and the dutch a few hundred as well. Arte et Marte
Shit, I'm wrong, Lynx only had 4 road wheels on each side. Damn Bushmills
Happy Birthday to all you Sojers!
Danish Army Combat Training School,  Oksbøl, Jutland. They're looking at ways to recycle the old M113s when the new APCs arrive. Trials for the latter are discussed:

Showed my wife the photo.  She just sighed and shook her head.
 So, what do they do in that man-cave about watching sports on the telly? Bring it in via an old prismatic periscope?
 Odd bar stools in there, too...

I don't know. There seems to be an awful lot of bright light for my kind of drinking.  Like the man sang, "Dim lights, thick smoke, and loud, loud music..."
 Heh.  My bar is non-smoking.  Except for the meat, of course. Ya need the nic, head for the deck.

 Where's the driver or barrkeeper of this fine establisment? Oh, t   thiey're smasmed !    8 ^ )
Yah, Grump, where's the rest of the thing? That must have been quite a crash. Looks like they patched up the holes in the walls, though.
This reminds me of a (second-hand) story. Ol' Major Unger told me it. It seems that when he was at Grafenwoehr, way back when, they decided to have a party in the officers' club which involved endless free pitchers of French 75s. What could possibly go wrong?  I think it took them a year or so to get the fund back up to zero, after paying for all the damage.
Also: At the fiftieth anniversary of the Gettysburg fight, everyone (on both sides) who had participated, and was still alive, and could get there, showed up. There was, I think, exactly one bar in town, in a hotel. Those geezers had a wonderful time drinking and destroying the place.