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Helping Dennis out

 Dennis had trouble with box identification yesterday.  So we're going to help him out.

This is the 81mm box.

Now, here is the 3inch mortar ammunition box - with mostly 3inch rounds on it. There is a stray Yugo round in there, too.

Your cue, Dennis - is orientation of the lid reinforcing strips.  

As per usual, all this is legal, Federal, State, and local where I live, I don't know if it is where you live.  And in this case - nothing in there is an explosive round. Are were either built to be inert trainers (like that Yugo round), are inert by their nature (that stand of grape, for example) or have been professionally inerted (like that 12pdr shell  on the floor on top in the 81mm pic - that's been drilled and flushed, and came from a museum that was reducing its holdings).



Good boxes those 81MMs.  Lived in a bunch of them for a while. Felt like wood paneling after a bit. 
I swear, I must have been a mortarman in a previous life. All of that mortar ammo strikes me as just, well, purty. It must have been a trial for my previous incarnation to stop fondling the pretty things and just drop them down the tube.

Hmmm.....on the floor a shell for a 12 pounder with a Borman Fuse.

On the box a cut open case for a 12 pounder, can't tell if there is a fuse adapter there or not. Then Canister.  Next is Quilted grape - not sure what size gun that is for - 3 pounder?  And a stand of grape for a 12 pounder. 


How'd I do?