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Troops nearing retirement can't transfer GI Bill benefits without giving 4 more years.

 KAISERSLAUTERN, Germany — Beginning Aug. 1, all active-duty military personnel who opt to transfer their Post-9/11 G.I. Bill benefits to a family member will be obligated to four more years of service, including troops who are eligible for retirement.

If you read the article, it says if you are forced out (as long as it's not from a discipline issue) you won't be affected. I.e., get hit by an involuntary separation that puts you out with less than the four years, and you won't have to take it back. That said - if you are a high performer, you will have to stay the extra years, while the guy to your left, who has hit his wall, will get to walk with the bennie. There is still an element of injustice in it.

The fact remains - punish the high performer, reward the average joe. It's maddening, because they know just how attractive this is for guys and gals facing college costs. And it doesn't really affect the GO class - for the most part, they'll be staying in long enough anyway after their kids hit that point. The people it gets are the high performers who either don't *want* to keep at it anymore, or who know they've seen their last promotion - but the services want to ride them hard and put them up wet.

It just another one of those things when you realize that despite all the rhetoric - they really don't love you, you're just another cog in the machine.

And we don't want to lose sight of the fact that... it's still a hell of a benefit.  And one your kids won't really appreciate the cost of.


Can you modify a Hakim magazine to fit?
Wrong post, Enforcer!  You're not the first to make that mistake with this format.  Most options I've seen involve using MG13 mags as requiring less fitting.  I'm going to try that route just to get it shooting.

This sorta makes my eyes glaze over. It reminds me of that scene in "Barry Lyndon" where Barry has cheated the Prussian nobleman at cards. The Prussian knows he's been cheated, but can't prove it, so they fight. Barry wins.  Is there any way to challenge these guys, and win?