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Dog Day Afternoon

 After an afternoon spent polishing a novel designed to compel the government to keep writing checks to my bosses so my bosses will have something they can pass on to me (well SWWBO, actually, that's the account it lands in) a little relaxing maintenance time is called for, methinks.

I know - Vulcan/Hesse, boo hiss. This one was competently built, square and true (apparently there have been complaints about that). It still had some classic issues like misfeeds, which were corrected by polishing the internals and the throat. While I won't say they parkerized the breech end (another complaint regarding Vulcan work you'll run across) they certainly didn't polish it, either. Once I did that, the thing runs fine. As a pistol, however, it's about as dumb a way to send a .45ACP round downrange as I can imagine. At least it's closed bolt. I can only imagine firing one-handed from an open bolt. That's a hell of a mass to slap into the breech and trunnion, dropping the point of impact. As a subgun, Mac's were decent. In this incarnation... well, let's just say it was tossed in on a multi-gun deal, and not something I would have bought on it's own.


Actually a sequel, I do believe.
Indeed, a trilogy. One hope this volume sells as well as the first two... 
It's a fickle business as Haroldene Coyle knows only too well.
 Hey, we're aiming at the discount rack this time!
 As long as you don't end up in the remainder bin.