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'Bout those senior leaders...



"2. People who view themselves as deserving with special privileges all of a sudden feel they can get away with anything they want - and can move whatever they need to in order to protect their status all of a sudden feel they are entitled to anything they want? Shocking - that has never happened. This is an ongoing problem at USNA specifically ... but the desire to play football at a certain level is so strong that compromises are made - and the whole body suffers for it."

That sounds a lot like "Senior Leader Disease" donnit?

CDR Salamander has more to say that illuminates, albeit in a different venue - the disease is the same.

More scalps, please.


I could name a few of the scalp owners whose scalp I'd like to see lifted, if I was not going to be allowed to do it myself. I'd even call a few out of retirement to lift them. The current CJCS needs to have his lifted for the good of the country, and that would be a bare start,
I am morally certain that RAH (PBUH) would deplore this kind of thing. But then, he was on the fencing team at the Academy. Come to think of it, so was Cap'n Lex. So, no scalps, just run 'em through the liver.

P.s. Up until recently, I believe the official title of athletic director at USNA was Master of the Sword.
And further, one of my favorite RAH stories is "The Long Watch." It's all about a junior leader with a conscience resisting a senior leader without one, even unto horrible death. The story is available free on the Web.

What brought this to mind is that I have been so poor lately, that I have been smoking "Long Watch" brand cigarettes, that is, salvaging butts and re-rolling the contents.
Are you blowing radioactive breath at the Geiger as you await relief?
Nah, neither of us expect relief. I think the tone of that passge was smart-assedly ironic. Nobody gets out alive, so you might as well do right while you're here.  That's my attitude, anyway.
It is impossible to comment on Cdr Salamander's blog, or even read more than the first two comments there, because he is using that septuply-damned comment system from Hell, Disqus. Disqus recommended that I load Firefox. I _was_ using Firefox, and am using it right now!  Hello? Whatever happened to backward compatibility? 

I had thought better of the good Commander, hoping that he would not succumb to the latest fads among the young smartass dweebs and hipsters who infest the Net like Guinea Worms, to paraphrase Neal Stephenson.  I thought the man was a grown-up!