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Ammo pr0n

 That's what this is, in an era where our local Cabela's limits 22LR purchases to 100 rounds per visit.

Just delivered yesterday, via the Big Brown Truck of Joy and Goodness, via Ammo Supply Warehouse.  

I didn't tell anyone about it until I had it.  Because one of you would have been lurking in the bushes waiting to score the delivery, and I like my UPS guy and didn't need anyone going all Jesse James on him...


1000 rds(2 "old" bricks) - $169.99 

Things are way out of hand.  Wonder what the margin is on those.

Never understood the love the US has for UPS, they are the biggest ripoff crossing the border. The shipment I had from L.A. Police gear cost me $67.00 to ship $55 worth of gear.

As for the Grease gun I envy you! Shot one at Vegas and noted on full auto it shoots slower than your average IPSC open 1911!
Thanks John. Ordered two cases of hard to find trap loads.
UPS is generally cheaper here than FedEX, for my stuff.  FedEx can be marginally faster.  And they're both better than the postal service, which doesn't like guns and ammo, anyway!
Shipping a pistol here by Canada Post, across the country to the buyers door  is about $35 with insurance. Haven't ordered ammo online as I have good access  to several dealers, so I can't give you a price on that.
That's what I pay to have a pistol sent to me, FedEx overnight.
Fed Ex is the shipper of last resort here. My last two shipments were trucked from Minnesota through various warehouses to Cincinnati where they were loaded on a truck and delivered to my local Post Office a mile up the road to be delivered by my rural carrier the next day. A six day trip. I've literally been out in the yard and waved at my package as Fed Ex drives by with it.....and the Post Office won't give it to you because there's no one there at that time of day to process it in.....
Thanks for the link Champions Shooters Supply has ELEY Club for about that price In the meantime CTD is apparently successfully selling CCI MiniMags for .60 cents a round, and stinger for a buck around :(
Midway has ELEY match in, had Club in, and the local Wally world has CCI subsonic, 1 box per customer.
PS: Never ordered from Champions, but rimfire forums has good thinks to say.
Sigh!  Of all the things I used to own, those boxes of .22 Match ammo...
A few years back when the price of metal started going out of sight (remember how copper wiring was being stolen from homes?), I decided that I would try to do some price protection and start a stockpile of ammo and components when I could afford it. After all, it was never going to get cheaper, right? The idea was that 10 years from now I would still be able to shoot at year 2000 prices, besides not having to worry about govt-imposed taxes, restricttions, etc. The old bird-in-the-hand story.....

Man, I finally did something right. I wish I would have had as much luck in the stock market. Among other things, those two cases of CMP .22LR in the cabinet will last me for a long, long time.
 Madman - me, too.  Except I wasn't doing it for 22LR.  I've got a lot of the big calibers in the bunker.

I would expect so, you're mix of shootables is a bit more extensive than mine (said with a deep green tinge of envy)

 Awww.  You say the *nicest* things...!
 JOhn, I'd lie in wait dwon by the main road so as to save the UPS guy the trip back into the wilderness.

I'm simply kind that way. :-)