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A real assault rifle... sorta

By name anyway. 

As close as I'm going to get to an actual "assault rifle"... since this is a modern paean to the original Sturmgewehr 44 - the first rifle of its kind. In the form of a nicely affordable .22lr. German Sport Guns (GSG) "Schmeisser STG44" as imported by American Tactical Imports and procured well below MSRP because its shipping crate was cosmetically damaged.

With the exception of the functional cocking rod, all of that metal in front of the magazine is for form's sake. This is not a gas gun, and the barrel sits inside what looks like the barrel. The .22 barrel is removeable (though there's really no reason to).

The guts. Pretty simple, as one would expect from a .22LR. The bolt looks a lot like CMMG's drop-in subcaliber bolt for their .22LR conversion kits for AR15s.


Should be a fun little plinker! Now you need the bayonet...
IIRC, the STG44 is the perfect weapon for The Armorer.  It didn't take a bayonet.

Korrect. By '44 the Third Reich had more pressing needs than catering to future collectors...
dam' inconsiderate of them

I note that instead of cat hair for scale, you have an actual "scale". Fie! The shades of all my dear dead kittehs are pissing on yer internetz!  Say, is it an architect's scale, or an engineer's scale?  I can't tell even from the enlarged picture.
 It's a "military scale".  And there's cat hair everywhere in that picture.  Any picture taken inside the Castle has cat hair in it.

Now to find a FFL home mfr, who can scale it up to say 9mm or maybe .308/7.62 MM?
How did that episode of Tales of the Gun put it...?  "Some of history's most beautiful and effective weapons, in the service of one of history's most evil regimes."

JTG, John was obviously in the middle of plotting something.
Unless you just must have the "Wooo-Scary" look that Herr Vorgrimler originated, for the same bucks you get a Ruger 10-22, a scary-stock for it, and a bag full of hi-cap mags. 
 I want the look, Rivrdog.  I admit it.  I'm not interested in Ruger's rifle.
There goes Rivrdog again, gettin' all rational-like on us. Now, this is a guy who likes to do cosplay in his Yacht Club uniform. Physician, heal thyself.
Kinda regret selling my SKS except that it allowed me to buy my Glock 19 Gen4.